2017 Student games

Students from Centennial’s Game Art & Design program, in collaboration with students from University of Toronto’s Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Music, created these games. The games were wholly conceived and created by the students. UofT students provided the programming chops as well as music, Centennial students provided the art assets as well as animation cycles (thanks to the student from 3D Animation program!).
The game project was very fast, the teams had only six weeks from concept to completion!

Industry professionals from the Toronto game were involved in development critiques as well as two in-Studio demo sessions for feedback. The final presentations were at Ubisoft Toronto.

Last year’s games were Unity based for mobile, so there was a huge challenge for the programmers, but not much room for our artists to shine. This year the games were developed in Unity and Unreal for PC, allowing the graphic overhead to be much greater. These games will be presented at the 2018 Level Up student showcase on April 4th, 2018 – come check them out!

Congratulations to all involved!