2018 student Games

This year saw student presenting their games for Beta and Alpha release at Ubisoft an Zynga games. They received feedback from professional game developers through two evenings of play-testing at Ubisoft and Zynga’s Toronto offices.

This years games are looking better than ever and we even have an immersive VR party game! Below are just a few teasers of the games to come to LevelUp Showcase on April 17th at the Design Exchange. It promises to be a great event and a fantastic opportunity for Centennial Game Art students to meet industry an show them what they can do.

The games were a joint effort by students from UofT and Centennial College. Centennial’s Game Art students did all the concept and 3D artwork, the teams also receivec support from the 3D Animation program for walk cycles etc. UofT students provided the programming in Unity and Unreal. Music students from UofT created original scores and sound effects for each team.

The final games will be presented to the public at Level Up Showcase on April 17th, they games will be playable by all in attendance, so we hope to see you there.