Sample Portfolio

This page is to serve as a guide for submitting a portfolio for the Game – Art program.

portfolioWe recommend a simple and inexpensive 8.5 x 11″ portfolio. See link here.

Please label the front cover with your full name, mailing address, email address, and student ID.

If you are submitting digital work please take care that still images are only in “.jpg” format and videos in “.avi”. Please don’t send us Photoshop, Maya or Max files; they will not be reviewed.

All work has to be original. Copies from books and existing artwork will not be reviewed.

Required drawings:

  • 5 drawings of full body figures in variety of poses from life (not drawn from photos)
  • 2 drawings of hands (not drawn from photos)
  • 1 portrait drawing (not drawn from photos)
  • 1 still life using variety of objects (not drawn from photos)
  • 1 drawing of your living room (can be a bedroom too)
  • 1 digital image using Photoshop or similar software (can be a painting, drawing or photo retouching)
  • 1 page of original character designs, facial expressions and full body poses
  • 3 pages of additional work; can be any of the following: 3D work, sculptures, animations, paintings, extra life drawings, character/environment designs or sketchbooks

Life, Perspective, Character, Anatomy

Additional Artwork: concept