Build worlds for a living: Careers in Game Art and Design

At Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre, creativity and commerce intersect as artistic students are taught how to make media, and how to succeed in the industry that makes that media. One such program is Game Art and Design, taught at the Story Arts Centre. Game Art Students receive intensive hands-on training in current software and modelling methodologies in …

From play to work: Turning video games into a career at Centennial College

We’re living among a generation where many of us were raised with game controllers in our hands and want a career making these things that entertained us. Gamers have come a long way from the days when video game testing was thought of as the ideal career, though. Now, if you want to work on …

Game Art & Design: Student work

 Game Art & Design students proving that the program’s philosophy of “making artists, digital artists” is working.  Here at Centennial we don’t try to be a generalist game program, the  Game Art & Design program is about creating the assets you see in a console (AAA) game. Check out the amazing work!

Game Art & Design: 3D Modeling & Texturing 1

Here are some awesome student projects from students in the first semester of the Game Art & Design program. The course is an introduction to Maya and 3DsMax in which students model and texture environment objects. Congratulations to Joel Singh, Marcus Payne,  Shauna Lacoutte, Tanner Johnson, Yury Uvarov – great work!