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Student Information Form

Students new to the rental system must fill out a Student User Information Form. The completed form must be submitted before you have access to the online booking system.

Advance Booking Form

Advance Booking Forms are for students who are preparing to shoot large production projects (such as Final Films) or who need to rent equipment for longer than one day. This form must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to rental. All requests are first-come first-served.

Competency Test Request Form

Students who would like permission to sign out specialty equipment such as Cinema Cameras (Canon C300, SonyF3 and FS7) and the DJI Ronin 2 gimbal are required to prove their competency in setting up, using, and tearing down the equipment without damage. Please submit this form to request a test appointment slot; allow for 90 minutes to complete the test.

Fault Report

Fault Report must be submitted when damages/problems are found in the broadcast and digital media facilities or equipment rentals.

Summer Equipment Request Form

Summer Equipment Request Forms are for current students to request gear during the summer break of their program. Summer requests are submitted only between April and the second Friday of May. A faculty committee will review requests and you’ll be notified on approval.

Graduate Equipment Form

Centennial College Graduates of the Story Arts Centre can request equipment rentals only for the first six months following their graduation ceremony. Requests will be reviewed before approval.

Faculty Equipment Request Form

Centennial College Faculty of the School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design can request equipment rentals for the upcoming semester here. Requests are first-come, first-served.