Equipment Rental

Policy Summary

Rentals are a privilege, not a right! Please ensure that you have read and understand the Booking Policy as there are penalties for misuse, damages and tardiness.

When picking up or dropping off equipment, valid Student ID must be shown.

Equipment may only be picked up and returned by the individual who made the original booking.

It is each user’s personal responsibility to ensure there are no issues with the equipment they have signed out. When picking-up, please leave yourself enough time to thoroughly check equipment before leaving the Equipment Distribution area.

Any equipment damaged while in use, must be reported via a Fault Report.

Please report any issues immediately, as the user will be held financially responsible for any damage(s) caused while the equipment is in their possession.

Equipment Rentals Are Now a Two-Step Process

IF YOU ARE A NEW STUDENT, PLEASE FILL OUT A STUDENT USER INFORMATION FORM. Please allow two business days for your account to become active.

All pickups MUST be scheduled a minimum of 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. We are unfortunately unable to handle last-minute bookings.


Step 1: Doodle Calendar

Please choose a 10-minute appointment window that correlates with the pickup day of your equipment rental. For example, please make a Doodle appointment for Monday, September 21 if you are planning to make your equipment booking for Monday, September 21.

Cancellations must be made with 24 hours notice of your appointment; failure to arrive within five minutes of your appointment will result in a cancellation of your rental.

NOTE: Continued failure to meet appointments can lead to suspension from rentals. Please call or email us if you are unable to attend your appointment to avoid penalties.

Step 2: Book Equipment Using Online Portal

Once your account is active, please follow these steps:

  1. Your Account Name is your student number.
  2. Default password is 1234 — you will be prompted to change it afterwards.
  3. Equipment groups can be filtered under the ‘Show’ drop down menu. Or you can use the search option if you know the name of the resource (eg. T5i).
  4. Click on available items (white squares). Follow the legend on the bottom left-hand side of the screen to know availability of an item.
  5. Do not adjust the default pickup and return times.
  6. Click ‘Add to cart’.
  7. To finalize booking, click on ‘Save Reservation’.
  8. To ensure you have reserved all intended items, click on the ‘upcoming’ tab on the top of the screen to review your booking.

** The booking system will only allow you to make reservations for one date at a time. For multiple bookings on different days (weekends excluded), please press ‘Save Reservation’ between making each booking. **

Ready to book your equipment?