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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I take out equipment?

For full booking instructions, please refer to the Student Handbook or the Equipment Rental page.

2. Can I make a same day or last minute reservation?

No. Pick ups are by appointment only and all reservations must be made a minimum of one business day in advance. We do not serve walk-ins.

3. What if I am sick / unable to attend my appointment?

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact us via phone or email ASAP to reschedule. Missed appointments without contact / notice will result in a strike on your account.

4. How do I cancel or edit a booking?

If you no longer need your reserved equipment, do your best to cancel your booking as soon as possible. In connect2, click “Find Booking” in the task bar. Click on the reference number of the booking you wish to modify, and use the navigation panel on the righthand side to make any changes, including cancellations.

5. How can I get accommodations for my booking (ie. longer rental time period, equipment limits, et cetera)?

If your booking has special requirements such as needing time extensions or multiples of limited equipment, please submit an Advance Booking Request Form at least two weeks in advance.

6. How can I make a group booking for a larger project?

For group projects, please submit an Advance Booking Request Form at least two weeks in advance of your shoot date. Also please note that each type of equipment should be signed out by the person leading that role (ie. sound person rents audio equipment; grip person rents grip; camera operator rents camera; et cetera) as opposed to a single, large booking.

7. I cannot find the item I’m looking for.

There may be a variety of reasons you cannot book certain equipment, such as program-specific permissions or availability. If you require assistance finding a specific item, please contact us via email or phone.

8. I cannot choose my preferred time slot.

All rental appointments are first-come, first-served, with new start / end times available in 15-minute increments. If a time slot is already reserved, you must choose the next available one instead. Please do not show up outside of your reserved times and remember that late or missed appointments will result in a strike on your account.

9. I only need my equipment for a short time. Can I do a same-day return?

If you would like to return your equipment the same day, please speak to us before creating your booking so that we can make arrangements for you, as the booking system will not allow you to select a same-day return time.

10. Can someone else pick up or return my equipment for me?

No. The person who creates and signs for the booking must be the same person who both picks up and returns the equipment. If you are working with partners or as a group, you may co-sign the contract, but all signers must be present at the pick up time.

11. What happens if I don’t follow policy?

Failure to follow our rental policies will result in strikes on your account. Common issues include things such as late returns, damaged / lost equipment, and missed appointments.

We have a three strike system in which one strike is permitted as a warning. After two strikes, your account is automatically suspended and does not allow sign-out privileges for two weeks. Upon receiving three strikes, you are permanently barred from signing out equipment for the remainder of the academic year.

Please reference the Student Handbook for our full policy.

12.  What happens if I break or lose something?

If your equipment becomes lost or damaged while signed out, please fill out a fault report and contact us immediately via phone or email.

Please note that if anything is missing, damaged or stolen — whether it’s a camera, a cable or a mic clip — you are financially responsible for retrieving, replacing, and/or repairing the item. You are on the ‘Suspended List’ until the situation is rectified. Grades will be withheld until all equipment is returned or replaced.

13. How do I pay for lost or broken items?

Upon submitting your fault report, we will arrange an invoice with the front office. You may then make your payment there and bring us the receipt in order to unsuspend your account.

14. How do I use _____?

Check out our manuals and tutorials library. You can also find similar resources on each item page in connect2. If we do not have a linked resource, try to Google the following: Brand Name + Model Number + Manual (ie. “Zoom H4n Manual”).

15. How do I pack the equipment bags?

We highly recommend taking a photo of how each item is packed prior to unpacking it.

16. Do you provide memory cards / readers / et cetera?

Most of our equipment will already come with the necessary memory cards unless otherwise noted (You can confirm this by viewing “Kit Contents” on each item page). We do not provide loose memory cards, card readers, or hard drives.

17. Do you provide batteries?

We only provide professional rechargeable batteries for specific equipment such as camera and lighting gear. Consumer-level batteries (such as AA, AAA, et cetera) are not provided and must be bought at your own cost.

18. Do you rent out usb / power / patch cables or speakers?

No. Please visit the AV/IT department for these instead.

19. What if I have a question that isn’t listed here?

If you cannot find your answer on your own, please email us at