The Equipment Room
@ the Story Arts Centre

Equipment Rental


• Make yourself familiar with the booking policy.
• Valid Student ID must be present when picking up and returning equipment
• Only the person who booked the equipment may pick up and return it.

First time users please visit the equipment room to set up your account.

Please review booking instructions below:

1. Visit the online booking form by clicking here.
2. Ensure Account Name and Password is selected.
3. Enter Account Name (which is your Student #). Enter Password. Default is: 1234. You will be prompted to change your password.
4. Review Terms & Conditions & click ‘Agree’.
5. Filter equipment under the ‘Show’ drop down menu or search by Resource. Select appropriate equipment.
6. Select date in the Today field. Click on available green square to book. Set date and pick-up and return time. Click ‘Add to cart’. To finalize booking click on ‘Save Reservations’.


Equipment Technical Info


Bpix Upload Info Chart

Getting content into Broadcast Pix.

Bpix Upload Info Text

Getting Content On To Broadcast Pix Switcher.

Bpix Manual

Slate 5008G/5016G/5032G
2ME HD & SD Video Switchers
operators manual.

Inscriber Titlemotion CG Manual

Inscriber® TitleMotion™ manual.

GoPro Manual

HD HERO2 user manual.

D7000 Manual

Nikon D7000 user’s manual.

NX5 Manual

NX5 Digital HD Video Camera Recorder operating guide.

EX1 Manual

Solid-State Memory Camcorder – PMW-EX1 operating instructions.

F3 Manual

Solid-State Memory Camcorder operating instructions.

Canon EOS C300 Manual

Canon EOS C300 HD Camcorder instruction manual.

Manrantz Recorder Manual

Handheld Solid State Recorder user guide.

Zoom H1 Recorder Manual

Handy Recorder H1 quick start guide.

Tricaster Switcher Manual

NewTek TriCaster user guide.

HME Wireless Intercom Kit

DX300ES Wireless Headset System operating instructions.

302 Compact Production Mixer

Sound Devices 302 Compact Production Mixer user guide and technical information.

552 Five-Channel Portable Production Mixer with Integrated Recorder

Sound Devices 552 Five-Channel Portable Production Mixer with Integrated Recorder user guide and technical information.

702 High Resolution Digital Audio Recorder

Sound Devices 702 High Resolution Digital Audio Recorder user guide and technical information.

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