6432 Game Development Online Application

Does the idea of doing regular game jams sound fun to you? Excited about making your own original games, then doing it again and again? We believe that games are an amazing art form with endless possibilities and we want to empower students in the Game Development program to push the boundaries of what games can be. We are looking for candidates who have a burning passion for this amazing interactive art form, not just as game players, but game makers.

To ensure that the program is the right fit for you, we’d like to see some examples of your work. Maybe you’ve dabbled in some aspect of game making (i.e., storytelling, 3D modeling, music, design, animation, sequential art, coding, illustration, or concept art). Maybe you already make games and you’re looking to build on and master what you already know. Or maybe you just love challenges and like solving design problems. Either way, we ask that you share some samples of that work, whether it’s a blog, Deviant Art page, Soundcloud page, or a link to game you’ve made. Link below.

  • We value creativity just as much as technical skills. Show us your imagination!
  • All work samples must be submitted online. Physical copies will not be accepted.

All applicants are welcome to join us at the Story Arts Centre for an introductory workshop or general information session. These will help you to get a sense of the kind of work that you’ll be doing and the skills you’ll be learning in this program. You may also receive personalized feedback on your application materials.

Applicants will receive an email outlining session dates. If you have any questions, please contact Program Coordinator Brian Sinasac.

    Please provide links to at least THREE pieces total in a minimum of two of the following categories demonstrating your interest in any of these areas:

    • Art - drawing, painting, 2D design, 3D modeling, animation (2D or 3D)

    • Sound - digital music, sound design, sound fx.

    • Development - coding, math, physics, logic, problem solving.

    • Design and Story - short stories, interactive works, games (including board games or card games), comics, storyboards, films, game ideas, design documents, etc.