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6032 & 6432 Game – Development Online Application

Does the idea of doing regular game jams sound fun to you? We believe that games are an amazing art form with endless possibilities and we want to empower students in the 6032 (online) & 6432 Game – Development programs to push the boundaries of what games can be. We are looking for candidates who have a burning passion for this amazing, interactive art form, not just as game players, but game makers.

The focus of the Game – Development programs is the production of games, so the courses are designed for you to actively participate in a game development pipeline. We expose you to various industry positions, including art, code, design, audio, and production management. The programs will provide you with the knowledge required and multiple opportunities to apply that knowledge toward the creation of games.

    Please include up to four links to any additional supporting documentation that you have created – such as portfolio material, demonstration of art, design and story, audio and music, code or development – that you think we should consider when reviewing your application. If you are including code or a working digital game in your sample, please submit a link to a video of the working asset rather than an executable file.

    • Link #1 (optional)
    • Link #2 (optional)
    • Link #3 (optional)
    • Link #4 - (optional)

    Thank you for your application. We look forward to reviewing your work.

    If you have any questions, please contact Program Coordinator Brian Sinasac.