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3517 Product Design and Development Online Portfolio Submission

Product design, with its wide footprint, spreads out through numerous industries such as footwear, medical, transportation, furniture, wearables, electronics, housewares, just to name a few. As we look around us, all the products that we see/interact with, have been designed, and as we look into the future of design, product designers are responsible for everything that is manufactured – good or bad.

Do you want to change the future of how we interact with everyday products? Do you find it inspiring to constantly create and improve the lives of others? We are looking at candidates with passion and drive to push the boundaries we face today and become part of Centennial College’s cross-disciplinary Product Design and Development program.

To ensure that the program is the right fit for you, we’d like to see some examples of your work. It is important to show us a cross-section of your skills, either through the use of different materials, computer skills, graphic skills, and sketching skills. See the form below.

  • We value creativity just as much as technical skills. Show us your imagination!
  • All work samples must be submitted online. Physical copies will not be accepted.

All applicants are welcome to join us at the Story Arts Centre for an introductory workshop or general information session. These will help you to get a sense of the kind of work that you’ll be doing and the skills you’ll be learning in this program. You may also receive personalized feedback on your application materials.

Applicants will receive an email outlining session dates. If you have any questions, please contact Program Coordinator Luciano Lorenzatti.

    Please provide a link to at least 3 (THREE) pieces of your own work demonstrating your interest in any of the following areas:

    • Sketching Ideation - Hand drawn sketches used to communicate ideas or construction of either products or architecture.
    • 3D Modelling - 3D models showing your ability to take sketch ideas into a 3D platform.
    • Technical Drawings - Dimensional, orthographic, isometric, or sections + details views showing construction details.
    • Design Presentations - Design documents could include, mood boards, market analysis, demographics, ergonomic research, form development and final design laid out on a presentation board.