Course Delivery

This page contains information the instructor will find helpful in administering course.

Course Outline

A course outline available, containing required Learning Objectives, timelines, and topical outlines; it is customizable to reflect specific programs.


The course is between 24-28 hours of teaching for the instructor and between 20-28 hours of work per student. The instructor can decide the best method of delivery for their students.

Below are two examples of instruction methods that can be followed:

In Class
Hybrid: Combination in-class and online


Rubrics are to be developed by the instructor and should be discussed with students at the beginning of the course to ensure appropriate projects are chosen and expectations are clear.

Client Surveys

Clients are an essential part of the evaluation process and will be asked to provide feedback about the students. Instructors are responsible for creating a feedback form that will allow clients to effectively evaluate the students and their work. For group projects, instructors will create one form per group so the client does not have to complete multiple surveys for one project.