Client Management

Clients are an essential part of STORYWORKS since they are the students’ first exposure to the industry.

As a client, they will be agreeing to do the following:

  • Provide a project scope and briefing to the student(s)
  • Be available for project meetings to review progress
  • Be a positive mentor for the student through encouragement and support
  • If the project is successful, to provide a reference for the student(s)
  • If the project is successful, to recommend STORYWORKS to others
  • Be willing to help the course instructor in evaluating the students based on agreed project outcomes

Examples of potential clients include:

  • An individual outside of the classroom setting who is the originator of the assignment
  • A community business or organization representative
  • A faculty member outside of the program who is functioning as advisor on a collaborative project
  • The STORYWORKS coordinator
  • A Centennial College staff member running an on-campus project for a college department

Past clients include:

  • Scarborough General Hospital
  • WIFT-T
  • Centennial College Athletics Department

Client Relations

To help facilitate smooth client relations, a Client Understanding document is available to provide the client with a clear commitment they are making and how instructors can support the project.

Here are also some activities that can be completed throughout the semester to help guide the students to success with their client projects:

  • Client briefing – Once the project is decided and assigned to the student(s), the instructor and client should meet to review the project scope and how the student can work with the client.
  • Project Scope – Students develop a document that outlines the project scope and deliverables. This might be reviewed by the instructor depending on the student’s experience level.
  • Project Timelines – Students develop timelines and resource organization and confirm it with the client. It is recommended that the instructor also review this document with the student(s).
  • Project Presentation and Post Mortem – Students deliver and present their projects to the class and client, if possible.